The spirit of change and providing flexibility for students to learn is the basis for curriculum development in the Communication Studies Program of UNY. As part of UNY, the Communication Studies Program is in line with the university's vision, mission and goals to create graduates who are ready to adapt to the world of work, especially in non-educational fields. The preparation and development of the study program curriculum is carried out periodically to meet the demands of the times and future needs. In developing the curriculum of study programs, it is also necessary to pay attention to the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (Presidential Regulation No. 8 of 2012 concerning KKNI) where the curriculum must refer to the learning outcomes of graduates.

The development of the Independent Learning Curriculum – Merdeka Campus (MBKM) in the Communication Studies Program, UNY in 2020 seeks to provide more experiential learning for students so that they can develop their potential. Through this curriculum, it is hoped that it can develop innovation, creativity, personality and develop independence in seeking and finding real knowledge in society, industry and the world of work.