List of Lecturers of Communication Studies Program


Suranto Aw

Prof. Dr. Suranto, M.Pd., M.Si.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/131655984

Email: suranto@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Evaluation Communication Program

Scopus ID: 57205219982

Sinta ID: 5990448

Staff Handbook

Anwar Efendi

Prof. Dr. Drs. Anwar Efendi, M.Si.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/132086367

Email: anwar@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Content Creative Writing

Scopus ID: 56712880500

Sinta ID: 6042911

Staff Handbook


Prof. Dr. Drs. Suroso, M.Pd.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/131572386

Email: suroso@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Language and Culture

Scopus ID:

Sinta ID: 6105653

Staff Handbook

Fatchul Arifin

Dr. Ir. Fatchul Arifin, M.T.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/132206815

Email: fatchul@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Digital Communication

Scopus ID: 56163418400

Sinta ID: 6023165

Staff Handbook

Sugeng Bayu

Dr. Sugeng Bayu Wahyono, M.Si.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/131612546


Areas of Expertise: Communication Sociology

Scopus ID: 57211268766

Sinta ID: 6023858

Staff Handbook

Ratna Wardani

Dr. Ratna Wardani, M.T.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/132315977

Email: ratna@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Human Computer Interaction

Scopus ID: 57208170792

Sinta ID: 6006627

Staff Handbook

Wuri Handayani

Dr. Wuri Handayani, M.Si.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/196212291987032001

Email: wuri.handayani@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Gender & Communication

Scopus ID: -

Sinta ID: 6670584

Staff Handbook

Pratiwi Wahyu

Dra. Pratiwi Wahyu Widiarti, M.Si.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/131763789

Email: pratiwi_ww@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Psychology Communication

Scopus ID: -

Sinta ID: 5990477

Staff Handbook

Chatia Hastasari

Chatia Hastasari, S.Sos., M.I.Kom.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/198606242015042003

Email: chatia@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Media and Communication

Scopus ID: 57430898300

Sinta ID: 6005500

Staff Handbook

Dyna Herlina

Dyna Herlina Suwarto, SE., M.Sc.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/132309682

Email: dynaherlina@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Media Industries Studies

Scopus ID: 57222868614

Sinta ID: 6005523

Staff Handbook

Siti Machmiyah

Siti Machmiyah, S.I.Kom., M.A.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/198805222015042002

Email: siti.machmiyah@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Media and Culture

Scopus ID: 57465389900

Sinta ID: 6058449

Staff Handbook

Benni Setiawan

Benni Setiawan, S.H.I., M.S.I.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/198303292015041001

Email: bennisetiawan@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Media and Religion

Scopus ID: 57222870975

Sinta ID: 5990797

Staff Handbook

Gilang Jiwana

Gilang Jiwana Adikara, M.A.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/11709890513640

Email: gilang.ja@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Journalism and Digital Literacy

Scopus ID: 57222873322

Sinta ID: 6672954

Staff Handbook

Ulfah Hidayati

Ulfah Hidayati, S.I.Kom, M.I.Kom.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/198802092019032010

Email: ulfah.hidayati@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Advertising

Scopus ID: -

Sinta ID: 6744366

Staff Handbook

Awanis Akalili

Awanis Akalili, S.I.P., M.A.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/11903930323674

Email: awanisakalili@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Fans and Culture

Scopus ID: -

Sinta ID: 6765838

Staff Handbook

Novianto Yudha Laksana

Novianto Yudha Laksana, M.Pd

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/20001130015383

Email: laksananyudha@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Virtual Communication

Scopus ID: -

Sinta ID: 6727768

Staff Handbook

Eko Prasetyo

Eko Prasetyo, M.Hum, M.I.Kom.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/21007861220055

Email: ekoprasetyo@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Communication Management

Scopus ID: -

Sinta ID: 6765580

Staff Handbook

Fikri Disyacitta

Fikri Disyacitta, M.A.

Homepage: http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/staff/12107921213782

Email: fikridisyacitta@uny.ac.id

Areas of Expertise: Political Communication

Scopus ID: -

Sinta ID: -

Staff Handbook