Education facility

The faculty has procured and maintained educational support facilities. Procurement includes the procurement of new equipment and replacement of old equipment to meet the needs of learning support and student activity units at the faculty level. This is done as a form of investment for the Faculty. The addition of educational facilities in August 2020-August 2021 is not done much. Investment facilities that have been owned by the Faculty in 2016-2021 include:

  • Provision and maintenance of learning facilities in classrooms, seminar rooms, and laboratories, including LCD projectors, screens, computers, audio speakers, furniture, air conditioning and supporting stationery
  • Procurement of various other supporting multi-media equipment such as Video Mixer, Audio Mixer, Video Caption Adder, Television, Projector Spider Bracket, Handy Cam, Notebook, tripod, and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Procurement of Textbooks and Library Reference Books at the UNY FIS Library including the provision of E-book access for textbooks published by UNY Press and/or books written by FIS lecturers who still hold the copyright.
  • Procurement, replacement and maintenance of academic administrative support facilities, including computer-printers, cabinet cabinets, photocopiers, scanners and stationery
  • Procurement and maintenance of electricity network, internal telephone and Internet including Wifi/Hotspot Network for all rooms in the Faultas environment
  • Procurement and maintenance of furniture, computer-printers and multimedia devices for student activity units, especially in the Student Activity Center Building
  • Procurement of a set of musical instruments to support student activity units
  • CCTV procurement and maintenance to support asset security and student safety activities in the faculty environment
  • Other supporting facilities such as bicycles, fans, sprayers and infrared thermometers

Educational Infrastructure

The Faculty of Social Sciences has infrastructure that supports the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education, namely Education, Research, and Community Service and various student activity units. Some of the supporting infrastructure at FIS UNY include: classrooms, in-door laboratories, out-door laboratories, seminar rooms, thesis examination rooms, prayer rooms, study program lecturer rooms, senior lecturer rooms, meeting rooms, library, student activity center, discussion platform. , parking lot, administration room, and canteen.

Lecturers and students also have access to infrastructure managed by the University in addition to facilities belonging to the Faculty of Social Sciences of UNY for the implementation of education, research, community service, and various other student activity unit programs. These facilities include: UNY's central library, Rector's Main Meeting Room, Auditorium, UNY Sports Center, various sports facilities (tennis court, football, futsal, swimming pool, fitness center, etc.), Mujahidin Mosque, Student Center Building, Educational Museum and so on. etc.

Furthermore, for the development of supporting facilities at FIS itself, the Faculty is committed to (i) maintaining the quality of infrastructure (buildings, classes and rooms) especially during the Pandemic where the old lecture rooms are not used; and (ii) constructing new buildings to accommodate the increasing number of lecturers, education staff and students, such as the construction of the Integrated Social Sciences Laboratory Building (funded by IDB), the construction of a Discussion Gasebo (funded through the development budget of UNY), procurement of work safety notice boards, and financing of cleaning facilities such as sinks and trash cans and so on.

Information Systems

FIS UNY is committed to providing good and adequate communication and information technology facilities to support the implementation of learning activities. For computer facilities, the Faculty provides a Fisnet Laboratory which has a capacity of 48 computers with an internet network to be used for various relevant lecture activities. Students can also use computer facilities and internet networks available at LIMUNY (UNY Student Internat Service) which has a capacity of 228 units. LIMUNY itself is managed by UPT PUSKOM UNY. For the record, the international Internet connection capacity used at UNY including Fisnet is 1.05 GBps; and LAN access in the campus area via wireless is also available through wifi hotspot access at 43 strategic points with coverage area reaching 100% of the campus area. For FIS, there are currently 3 points available which include academic service buildings and lectures. To support academic activities, UNY's main computer network (core network) is connected to the international internet (IX) and domestic internet (OIXP) using a transit IP with AS Number 55674 through a reliable Internet Service Provider to ensure connectivity. With a total internet bandwidth of 43673 Mbps in 2018, distributed via fiber optic network to all faculties and work units at UNY.