Expected Learning Outcomes


The Communication Science Study Program has a Program Learning Outcome (PLO) target for every student who has taken lectures so that each graduate can apply the knowledge he has learned professionally:


CPL 1. Demonstrating obedience to God Almighty, upholding human values and internalizing academic ethics

CPL 2. Able to be responsible professionally and ethically in the implementation of individual and group work

CPL 3. Developing an attitude of being responsible for work in within the field of expertise independently



CPL 4. Able to master and develop knowledge in the field of social humanities.


General Skills

CPL 5. Able to master and develop communication science both in the media and strategic fields.


Special Skills

CPL 6. Able to apply science and/or technology in the field of communication, and solve problems through scientific reasoning using critical, innovative and creative logical thinking.

CPL 7. Able to produce messages (crafting messages), utilize media effectively, use electronic information and knowledge tools effectively