Open Dialogue Forum: PKKMB During a Pandemic? Let's find out here.

The Open Dialogue Forum activity is one of the work programs of the Vice-Chair of the Communication Science Student Association. The move aims to provide a means or forum for sharing lectures and about Himakom FIS UNY. The activity was carried out on May 18, 2021, with the theme PKKMB during a Pandemic? Let's find out here. This activity discusses all things PKKMB starting from last year's PKKMB impressions held online, concepts to what preparations have been made by the PKKMB committee of faculties and departments this year. This activity involves lecturers and students who are the coordinators of these activities. The invited lecturers were Mas Gilang as Himakom Student Affairs, Aang as the Coordinator of the PKKMB FIS UNY, and Rio as the Chair of the PKKMB for the Communication Sciences Department 2021. Communication Science students also attended the activity as forum participants to understand how to prepare and the concept for the PKKMB year. The actual implementation model is still not transparent; there is information that says the PKKMB will be implementing offline; there are also those who say it may still run online, and there may be a blended option, namely partly online and partly offline. However, from the ongoing forum discussions, both lecturers and coordinators are still inclined to conduct PKKMB online because the situation and conditions are still uncertain; they are still encouraged to prepare several options if there is information regarding the implementation of the PKKMB, they have to stay. Continue with existing concepts and plans.

This year's PKKMB is still in the mirror with last year's online concept. Still, this year's coordinator will provide innovation and improve from evaluating the previous year's activities.